Emory leads our firm’s strategy for individual life, disability, long-term care, and annuity lines of business. His focus centers on reviewing clients’ coverage, taking into account their current goals to ensure alignment. Emory collaborates closely with investment advisors, financial planners, and retirement coaches to educate clients on the importance of adequate insurance coverage. Emory’s passion for financial products has remained constant throughout his career. For nearly a decade, he served as the Senior Vice President of a boutique financial services company, where he managed estate planning and asset protection.

Emory’s decision to found a financial management firm stemmed from his observation that friends and family were not receiving the level of service and expertise they deserved from their financial advisors. After almost a decade of running his own firm, Emory joined us, bringing invaluable expertise to our team and clients. Emory’s core values revolve around dependability, education, passion, and a considerate approach to individual goals and needs. He recognizes that personal finance involves many of life’s most critical decisions, and most individuals need guidance to make better financial choices. Emory aspires to guide people to live, lead, and love fearlessly.

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