• Karla


    Karla focuses on client correspondence, paperwork processing, and appointment scheduling. Her 25+ years of management and communication experience keep our team and our clients on the same page, moving forward with confidence.

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  • Erin Ovre

    Erin Ovre

    Erin specializes in collaborating with the leadership team to implement efficient processes. Her expertise extends to working closely with the service team to ensure accuracy and efficacy in our operations. Furthermore, Erin extends her skills and support directly to our valued clients, assisting them in various essential aspects of their financial planning journey. With over…

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  • Christine Dolney

    Christine Dolney

    Christine facilitates communication between advisors, clients, and service center teams. She focuses on enhancing the client experience through educational and networking opportunities, as well as promoting wellness programs for our team members. Christine’s diverse experience, including program development and community outreach, highlights her commitment to her principles. Her core values include faith, integrity, respect, collaboration,…

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  • Stephanie Elton

    Stephanie joined our team driven by her strong desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives through their financial well-being. Her responsibilities encompass identifying new business opportunities, Coordinating all our internal teams, and ensuring clients receive tailored advice to help them realize their vision of true wealth. With an extensive background spanning 14 years…

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  • Veronica Germann

    With 25 years of experience, Veronica Germann plays a crucial role within our team. Her responsibilities encompass handling new advisory and brokerage accounts, addressing client service requests, and coordinating with compliance to ensure documentation requirements are met. Veronica’s core values are rooted in integrity, trust, and client commitment. Her dedication, adaptability, and depth of industry…

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  • Ellie Haylund

    Ellie Haylund

    Ellie is responsible for managing our enhanced client offerings. Her duties encompass facilitating gifts and events, managing client communications, and providing essential marketing and design support. Ellie strives to be a thoughtful and dynamic resource for our firm and an orchestrator of enriched services. Ellie’s professional background is a unique asset to our industry. Prior…

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  • Julie Lang

    Julie Lang

    Julie Lang plays a multifaceted role within our firm, managing the insurance application and underwriting process. She oversees project workflows to ensure the efficiency and cooperation of all teams and processes, in addition to scheduling and assisting in client review preparation. Julie has 12 years of experience in and around the financial industry. She applies…

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  • Robin DeHoyos

    Robin DeHoyos

    Robin serves as an advocate for our advisors, taking charge of new business, client onboarding, and providing support to our Corporate 401k plans. With a decade of experience in the commercial real estate sector and nine years in wealth management, she combines her analytical skills and financial expertise to make a difference. Robin believes that…

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  • Christina Steigauf

    With an impressive 28 years of experience in the insurance and annuity field, Christina is a dedicated professional who ensures our clients have the most up-to-date and adequate coverage. Her personable and approachable nature reassures clients, making them feel secure and confident in their financial protection.Christina’s extensive industry background makes her a valuable asset to…

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  • Katie Enloe

    Katie Enloe

    Katie‚Äôs role involves interacting with clients to keep them informed about their accounts, assisting with client meetings, and providing essential administrative support for client communication. Her background in working with the public and finances, combined with her commitment to our team, underlines her dedication to serving our clients. Katie’s core values, including respect, responsibility, leadership,…

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